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Campaign Update - Week 9

(Oct. 30) - Week 9 has come to a close and to date, $400,388 (51.66%) has been contributed.  Participation is ahead of last year’s pace with 4,994 (14.71%) compared to 4,972 (14.57%) state employees donating to the charity of his/her choice.  There are only 9 ˝ weeks left so please do not wait – get your pledges in today!   The Campaign officially ends on December 31st.  However, as the holidays rapidly approach, we need to focus more than ever so the campaign is not lost to distractions.  The need is great.  Please do all that you can do!

We are only $6,875 behind the 2013 SCC at week 9!  Don’t lose momentum!!!


Attached are the Week 9 SCC report, the Week 9 Chart and a Week 9 comparison.  Take a look at the comparison and see if your agency/department is where it should be.   


Our statewide monetary goal is $775,000.  Our real goal:  To increase participation and raise as much as possible for Alabama’s charities.


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Did you know:

If every state employee gave only $2.00 a month through payroll deduction, we could raise more than $1 million dollars for Alabama Charities?

The State Combined Campaign has over 800 local and 41 international participating charities and federations?


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