March 4, 2016 is the application deadline for local voluntary charitable health and human care agencies or federations to apply for participation in the fall 2016 State Combined Campaign.

The State Combined Campaign will begin in August/September and is designed to allow state employees to give to recognized local and/or statewide charities.  Alabama law emphasizes local control to help ensure the campaign meets needs where state employees work and live.

Charitable agencies desiring to participate in the 2016 State Combined Campaign should complete the State Combined Campaign Application 2016 and use the 2016 Application Enclosures.  Questions?  Contact Becky Booker at 334-269-4505 or   Questions concerning federation/agency eligibility should also be referred to the above point of contact.

The State Combined Campaign “officially” ended on December 31st.  However, we still have time to reach our statewide goal of $780,000l  Please ensure that all pledges have been collected and sent in.  Also, feel free to do a final appeal as we are only $34,000 away from our goal.  Please make that last push to ensure everyone has had the opportunity to contribute.  We will continue to take pledges throughout January.  PLEASE DO NOT TURN ANY PLEDGES AWAY.

Attached are the most recent SCC reports:
2015 SCC Excel Report 01-12-16
2015-14 SCC Comparison Report Week 01-12-16

Please see if your organization is where it needs to be…if not, make that final appeal.  Alabama charities are depending on us to do the best we can do!!! Let’s make a STATEment!

Congratulations to the following Departments/Agencies for exceeding goal:

Week 19 Coordinator(s): % of Goal
Department of Education Beverly Davis 172.07%
Crime Victims Compensation Commission Aquanita Williams 120.97%

The SCC Awards Function is set for January 27th from 9:30 am – 11:00 am at the State Capitol in the large auditorium and is open to all Campaign volunteers.

Register using the follow link: .  Please forward link to Keyworkers.

If you have pledges that you would like for us to come by and pick-up, just let us know.  We are happy to do so.

Thank you for all you do!

Becky & Sharilyn

State Campaign Week 16

We are nearing the end of the 2015 State Combined Campaign with only 3 weeks left!  Time is of the essence.

The Campaign is currently at 72.82 % with $567,971.62 being contributed.  We need your help!!!  If your department or agency has not turned in…do it today!  It is so important!

Please see the attached reports for more information on your organization’s participation to date.  The Campaign “officially” ends on December 31st, however we will continue taking pledges throughout January, so please do not turn any pledge down!!!

2015 SCC Week 16 Report

2015-14 SCC Comparison Report Week 16

Participation for 2015 is also behind last year’s numbers.  Currently, 6,901 or 20.25% of state employees have participated compared to last year’s 25.73% participation (8,736 contributors).  The need is great.  Please challenge everyone to give, at any level.  Every gift counts.  Every gift makes a difference.  Ask them to make a STATEment, and give.

Please do what you can to help raise as much as we did last year!  Please make sure that everyone in your department has been given the opportunity to participate. 

Congratulations to the Departments/Agencies and Coordinators exceeding goal in Week 16:

Week 16 Coordinator(s): % of Goal
Foresters Registration Board LeeAnna Meadows 1563.89%
Tax Tribunal Ruby Davis & Bill Thompson 325.00%
Health Planning & Development Bradford Williams 236.29%
Senate Carla Renegar & Pam Bush 109.04%

Thank you for all you do to make the SCC a success.  Thousands upon thousands of lives are improved thanks to you!

Two ADECA divisions have reached 100% participation!!!

The Law Enforcement and Traffic Safety (LETS) Division reached 100% last week, and Financial Services reached 100% participation today.

LETS’ Key Worker is Kadedra Smith and Financial Services’ key workers are Sherita Gibbs and Bessie Sharp.




State Fire Marshal’s Division keeping FUNdraising Fun!

Sparky the Firedog made a surprise celebrity appearance as the State Fire Marshal’s Division hosted the Department of Insurance weekly Fabulous Friday Drawing for door prizes, all as a part of their State Combined Charities Campaign.  Sparky gave out party favor bags full of fire prevention material, and even a “Stop, Drop and Roll” lollipop.  The winners who got gift cards from local restaurants were Larry Lauderdale, Mary Brown and Darlene Geeter. Thanks donors and contributors and GO TEAM! Keeping it fun at the Alabama Department of Insurance!


IMG_1717 IMG_1719 IMG_1720 IMG_1727 IMG_1730 IMG_1710 IMG_1714

It’s a cake walk!

Senior Services had a cake walk during their lunch break on Thursday to raise money for the State Combined Campaign. It was a success. They had fun and raised money and ate cake!

(Cakes were donated by Senior Services employees. Thanks!!!)

Donated cakes for cake walk 2016 cake walk picture 2016

Butterfly Bridge Children’s Advocacy Center

Butterfly Bridge CAC was inadvertently left out of the 2015 SCC Giving Guide.  Though the staff works very hard to ensure the listings are correct, we sometimes make mistakes.  Our apologies to Butterfly Bridge and to its supporters.

If you would like to support Butterfly Bridge, please do so by using its SCC Code 106305.  You can search our online SCC charity directory for Butterfly Bridge’s 25-word statement, website, phone, etc.  Just click on “Give to the SCC” then “Participating Charities” and search 106305.

Thank you for your support of State Combined Campaign Charities.