2015 State Combined Campaign


Preparations for the 2015 State Combined Campaign are well underway!

State Employees statewide have reviewed the applications of charities wanting to participate.

Coordinator and Keyworker trainings are set for July and August, with the Campaign kicking off on August 19th at 9:30 AM at the RSA Activity Center on Dexter Avenue in Montgomery, AL.

The 2015 Campaign theme is “Make a STATEment and Give!”

We hope you plan to!

Campaign Update – Week 17


Happy New Year and Happy Tuesday!

Here’s a quick update on the 2014 State Combined Campaign. We are now at 94.96% of goal with $735,938.80pledged to date! We are SO close to our statewide goal!!! There is still time…let’s do our VERY best to achieve goal. We can do it!!! Please see the attached reports for your organization’s statewide progress.

Remember, we will continue to take pledges through January and into February – don’t turn any pledge down! If you receive a payroll deduction, contact us immediately so we can get those coded and back to you and back to your payroll department! PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE RETURNED ALL THE WHITE COPIES FOR PAYROLL DEDUCTION TO YOUR PAYROLL OFFICE!

I can’t thank everyone enough for all of your hard work. You have not only given your time and talents, you have given health, help and hope. God bless you.